AHS Restart Plan

AHS Restart Plan
Posted on 07/30/2020
Arvada HS restart

Arvada HS 2020-2021 Fall Restart Plan 

Links to Jeffco Restart Q&A and Full Plan 

Dear Arvada High Community,

As we approach uncharted waters moving forward amidst our national COVID-19 pandemic, it is so important to our success at Arvada that we come together as a community.  We are a team, and as a team we must support one another.  We know that no one has asked for this situation and this is not an ideal way to start a school year.  But by being collaborative, patient and open-minded, we can make the best of the situation and provide your amazing children with the best education we can.

We hope the following guide will help answer many questions about our Restart at Arvada.  If you have any further questions or suggestions, please reach out to me.

We thank you in advance for your flexibility, understanding and support in this time of need.

What is our schedule for returning?

Aug 24 - Sept 4:   Remote Learning for All

Sept 8 -                Hybrid Learning with Remote Option for families (look for a new survey out on August 7th).  If you opt for full remote this will be supported by JVA, here is more info on JVA

Our bell schedule for both Remote Learning and Hybrid Learning will be the following.

Red Day (Odd)

White Day (Even)

8:05 - 9:25


8:05 - 9:25


9:30 - 10:55

3rd Grab and go breakfast 

9:30 - 10:55

Capstone- Grab and go breakfast 

11:00 - 12:20


11:00 - 12:20


12:25 - 1:45


12:25 - 1:45


1:45 - 2:15


1:45 - 2:15


2:20 - 3:05

Digital Homeroom

(Access) Remote 

2:20 - 3:05

Digital Homeroom

(Access) Remote

 *Students with 4th or 7th hour off may report to the cafeteria at the beginning of the period for grab-and-go lunch and immediately go home.

During Digital Home Room students should have access to any facilitator and support staff in the building for help.   


What should we expect for registration and schedules?

  1. Registration is postponed until further notice.  We are hoping for the week of August 17th
  2. The schedules that the district has been sending out are incorrect.  We will be sending out the correct schedules the week of August 17th. 


When will devices for 9th grade students be handed it out?

The week of August 17th.  More details to come.  


Will we have an orientation for students prior to school starting?

We are creating a welcome back for all students at this time.  We are trying to create a schedule where small groups of students come in for an orientation.  More information will be provided about this schedule.   


August 24 - September 4

Remote Learning for All

What should I expect during the two-week remote transition before beginning hybrid classes?

Currently, our Welcome Committee is working on plans for our first days back.  More information will come regarding this two-week period.  

What will the schedule be during this time?

Similar to the hybrid schedule, but all students will be in class at the same time rather than in two different groups, half at a time.

Unlike in the spring, the remote learning plan will be synchronous, not asynchronous.  Part of this will include taking attendance each period each day.



Red (Odd)


White (Even)


Red (Odd)


White (Even)


All (1-7)


Red (Odd)


White (Even)


Red (Odd)


White (Even)


All (1-7)

Depending on the plans created by the Welcome Committee, this schedule is subject to change.

September 8 and on

Hybrid Model with 100% Remote Option for Families

How will we make sure we maintain safety?

Safety must be everyone’s first priority in order for students to be able to reach a mental state where they can learn and for staff to feel comfortable working with students.

This means we need to be extremely tight in ensuring safe environments are maintained.   For the sake of our students, colleagues, families, and broader community we must make every effort to keep safety at the forefront of our minds and not loosen these expectations.  That means reminding students of both the safety precaution in place as well as why this extra precaution is in place.   

MASKS: Per Jefferson County mandate, all students and adults will be required to wear masks.  This is going to be a great challenge and will require frequent, friendly reminders to uphold this.  For students who do not have or misplace a mask, there will be a supply of free masks in the front office.  We do expect everyone to take mask breaks outside as much as needed when in person learning is in place, All students will be provided one mask from our school district.  

DISTANCING:  To the greatest extent possible, students and staff should maintain at least 6’ of social distancing space between them and face the same direction in the classroom.  We understand that this will create additional challenges and will do our best at making this work.    

SANITATION:  Extra Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer will be made readily available in all classrooms.  We will remind learners to frequently wash their hands using hygiene protocols and to avoid touching their face.  

This is what the district has provided for us

How will we be conducting health screenings?

Per district guidelines, all staff and students will have their temperature taken and answer a health screening question before entering the building.  Students with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will be sent home. If students or staff are ill (runny nose, cough or fever), they must stay at home.

Temperature/health screenings will occur in the following areas.:

Staff: All staff must enter through the front of building (if arriving before 7 am they must self-screen)

9th: South doors

10th: Front of building

11th: North doors

12th: Front of building (later start)

What will breakfast and lunch look like?

Lunch will still be served in the cafeteria and the plan is for students to still go through the line and check out as they did last year. They will get a lunch and take it with them and leave the building.  During breakfast students will then take their meals to the classroom or other designated area to consume. Breakfast will also need to be consumed outside of the cafeteria –  We will have a schedule that all classes will go buy to pick up their meal.  


Cafeteria  will have a multi week menu cycle that will offer hot and cold entree options. These entrees and fruit/vegetable sides will be either individually wrapped or packaged into containers. All of these components will be put into a bag that has handles (think a plastic grocery sack) that will make it much easier for our students to carry.

Can my child come in for one class if they choose remote learning?  

No, this will not be an option.  If they are full time remote they will have all classes on-line.  Again Full remote will be supported by JVA- here is more information about JVA. 

How will we manage behavior?  What if students do not comply with the safety expectations?

We understand that there is likely to be heightened anxiety around managing student behavior after students have spent so much time apart.  We will continue to treat all students equitably and respectfully with a relational-based approach to managing student behaviors and use the district’s COVID Disciplinary Guidelines to support you as professionals as well as our students.

Key points:


  • We know that many students will be entering this year experiencing stress as a result of the COVID closures and health precautions. 
  • Students look to adults for examples of how to act and behave, so whatever expectations we have for students must be modeled by staff in the building.
  • The Jeffco Restorative Practices team has released guidance on establishing, reviewing and maintaining expectations, holding students and each other accountable, and handling repeated behavior in this document.
  • The District’s Student Conduct of Conduct/Student and Family Handbook and Discipline Policies apply for remote learning and in-person learning environments.
  • The District’s Student Code of Conduct/Student and Family Handbook confirmed with families that all students must comply with health guidelines and expectations. Failure to comply with these expectations will be considered grounds for student discipline up to and including expulsion.


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